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Last year was the irruption in the videogame industry of the subgenre known as Battle Royale. Its playable features, which mix the best of the cooperative and competitive online mode, along with its random components and large doses of action, made titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first, and Fortnite: Battle Royale later, stand out as two of the games with greater number of active users.

Although PUBG, the Bluehole Studio title, became popular before marking the way forward for this subgenre of shooters, the truth is that, after a few months, Fortnite established itself as the Battle Royale with the largest number of active players. What is this about? Mainly, that the title of Epic Games has been marketed as free-to-play (free), while its competitor is paid.

There are also other reasons that could explain the rise of this phenomenon, being a video game more casual than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and, therefore, accessible to more audiences. But if you want to learn how to play this amazing game, here we are going to teach you how to do it.

Choose your jump zone well

In Fortnite, like Battle Royale that is, no less than 100 players start the game from an airplane and will have to fight each other in the same area to survive. What does this mean? Well, the first important decision that users will have to make will be to choose a jump zone appropriate to the way they play.

For novice players, the ideal and the most used tactics is to jump in those areas of the game island that are less likely to be populated. And, having fewer users around, we will have more chances to endure alive for a longer time (and, therefore, score more).

Don’t take all the weapons

The sin that many new Fornite users commit is wanting to carry all the weapons they find on the map, regardless of inventory limitations. Unlike PUBG, in this Battle Royale we will have only 5 slots (or spaces) to carry both objects and weapons, which means that we will have to prioritize in that arsenal that gives us maximum effectiveness.

As with many RPGs, the equipment we find on the game map is differentiated by colors; being the target for the common weapons, green for the rare ones, blue for the rare ones, purple for the epic ones and orange for the legendary ones. Therefore, we will try to carry only two or three weapons depending on our style of play, and always those of higher rank.

Don’t lose sight of the storm

As in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game map will be reduced by a circle that will establish the area where users can remain without damage. This area will be reduced every few minutes, so we will have to keep an eye on the map, from time to time, so that we are not caught “offside.”

Learn to build and gain skill

If there is something that really differentiates Fortnite: Battle Royale from other titles of its subgenre such as PUBG, it is undoubtedly the possibility of building structures at our will through the materials we collect through the game map. And although it seems a superfluous feature, nothing is further from reality.

Construction is really important. Not only will it allow us to protect ourselves to take a cure, a shield, or resurrect dejected companions, but it will also help us to reach elevated areas inaccessible in another way. And all this without mentioning the substantial advantage that height gives us in close combat.

Therefore, we recommend that you practice often, even if you are building a vertical wall and a ramp to protect you every time you go to take a potion. If you do, you will soon see that creating a barrier to protect yourself in the face of confrontation is quite simple, and will make the difference between living or dying.

Just don’t look to collect all the materials

Another quite common mistake among the novice players is to want to collect materials all the time, which entails losing quite precious minutes when staying inside the storm, or for any other need.

Although it is convenient that you go collecting the different raw materials to be able to build later, we do not want you to waste more time than necessary in it every time you are at a point on the map with resources. Think that, as you move around the island, you will find more materials to collect. Therefore, do it. But without neglecting other important facets, such as being alert to enemies, staying under cover, or exploring the map for weapons and other valuables.

How to always win at Fortnite: strategies and secrets

The idea that you can understand all this content, month that you can achieve your first victories in Fortnine and that you can also get free payments as quickly as possible, and in turn you can enjoy the magnificent title of Epic Games on your Android mobile devices .

However, you may still be a little lost when choosing the most appropriate strategies to ensure success in almost every game … And is it possible to win always or almost always? Well, dear reader, and although it seems presumptuous, the answer is yes. In fact, most of the professional players in Fortnite: Battle Royale get it in the games they play (when they don’t face each other, of course).

How to always win in Fortnite: Battle Royale

You will have to put everything on your side. We cannot help you display the best version of your ‘aim’ (aim), or never lose your focus or hope. However, what we can do is offer you some of the best strategies and secrets to get a little closer to the desired ‘Masterful victory‘ … So, here we go!

The best weapon every time

It may seem obvious, yes, but if you do not use the best possible weapon in each confrontation, you may not win the duel even if you have better aim than the opponent. Therefore, as you go ote looting ’through the map, make sure to equip yourself with the variety of weapon that best suits your way of playing … This is:

Long distances: If you are looking for areas of the map with high visibility and wide ranges of open space, the ideal is that you get a sniper rifle. The most recommended in this category are the Heavy Sniper Rifle or the Hunting Rifle, for its highest damage rate per second (DPS).

Medium distances: If you consider yourself a more versatile player and prepared for action, you may be interested in more effective weapons at intermediate distances. In these situations, no equipment works better than assault rifles. That said, among all of them we recommend the use of the legendary SCAR for its incredible DPS index.

Short distances: Finally, we recommend that you always carry a weapon specialized in nearby clashes at hand. And you never know when you can run into an unexpected enemy in front of you; either turning a corner in a city, or simply because a shooting that began in the distance, has ended up approaching. In these cases, having a good heavy shotgun or double-barrel shotgun at hand, if possible of legendary quality, will always grant you some superiority over your rival.

By the roof whenever you can

When it comes to accessing the buildings in Fortnite: Battle Royale, it is best that you enter the Santa Claus complex and always do it on the roof. Why do we say this? Well, very simple. First because, if there is an enemy hidden inside, you will not only be protecting yourself from their possible traps (probably installed on the ground), but also, if the rival is on a higher floor, you will not have to face him with a disadvantage of height.

And what happens if we have already landed and want to access a building from above? Easy: before creating a ramp on the outer wall. In addition, he thinks that precisely in the upper areas of the houses there are usually always objects and ammunition. So, you still kill two birds with one stone.

Take advantage of the secret places

Throughout the different seasons of Fortnite: Battle Royale, a variety of secret locations, full of boxes of ammunition and valuable weapons, have been incorporated into the map, which are not easy to find a priori.

These locations will help you not only to arm yourself to the teeth in a parakeet, but also to place lethal traps for enemies who dare to venture into these secret places. If you research on YouTube, you can find a multitude of videos, such as the one above, which will show you the exact location of many of these amazing enclaves.

Sound? With better headphones

It is something that is not normally talked about, but the sound effects in an open-world shooter such as Fortnite: Battle Royale acquire a capital relevance to survive. And is that listening properly to everything that happens around us will allow us to remain alert and aware of the exact location of the enemies. Therefore, it will help us not to be surprised by the opponents.

So, since the speakers of many televisions and computers are not effective enough to help us clearly distinguish the origin of the sounds within the game, we recommend that you always wear headphones when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Reserve your strength for the end

We did not want to conclude this first guide to strategies and secrets of Fortnite: Battle Royale, without first emphasizing the importance of making your own constructions or bases. These will not only serve you to access unattainable sites in another way, but they will also be useful as a defense when you find yourself in dangerous situations.

That said, think of the storm

During the game, the map of the game will be reduced gradually, eliminating those players who remain too long outside the center circle. Therefore, what would be the use of an object at the beginning, if you are going to have to run shortly after? Be smart. Collect materials during the first stages of the game and wait for the storm to narrow the map as much as possible before building your fortress. That will be the perfect time to become strong, set traps at the entrance, and shoot anyone who dares to break into your domains … The ‘Masterly Victory’ will be in your hand!